Protecting Civil Rights


Sadly, in this day and age, some employees are still treated differently due to their age, gender, race or disability. Other employees are mistreated because they utilized their worker's compensation benefits, blew the whistle on corporate wrongdoing or took FMLA leave.  Further, some employees are not paid all the wages or overtime pay they are owed. 

BRACKEN LAW FIRM strives to ensure that employers that would unlawfully discriminate or retaliate against its employees are held responsible.  We have successfully handled many employment cases, including those that involve:​

  • Age Discrimination

  • Gender Discrimination

  • Race Discrimination

  • Religion Discrimination

  • Disability Discrimination

  • Retaliation

  • Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA 

  • Wage and Hour Violations

  • Overtime Violations

  • Equal Pay

  • Whistleblowers

  • Worker's Compensation Retaliation


  • Violations of Public Policy

  • Genetic Information NonDiscrimination Act

  • Pennsylvania Human Relations Act


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