Holding Corporations Accountable


Corporations often put profits over safety.  As a result, consumers suffer tragic but avoidable injuries.  When this happens, the corporation needs held responsible. 

At BRACKEN LAW FIRM, we have years of experience handling products liability cases.  In fact, Attorney Robert Bracken has obtained well in excess of $10 million for clients that were injured by defective products. 

We handle cases involving both manufacturing and design defects, as well as cases involving a company's failure to warn its consumers of known harms.  Choose BRACKEN LAW FIRM  to represent you if you suffered an injury as result of any of the following types of defective products:

  • Prescriptions drugs and medications

  • Medical Devices

  • Automobiles

  • Rollovers

  • Brakes

  • Airbags and Seatbelts

  • Toys and Child Products

  • Furniture

  • Amusement Rides

  • Toxic Torts


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