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Attorney Robert Bracken Successfully Represents Firefighter in Gender Discrimination and Retaliation

The Observer-Reporter ran an article regarding the resolution of Victoria Bozic's federal lawsuit after covering the litigation for more than a year. Ms. Bozic was represented by Robert Bracken and alleged that she was terminated for discriminatory and retaliatory reasons. The Observer-Reporter wrote: "A twist in the case involved former city solicitor Lane Turturice, who testified he had misplaced, disposed of or taped over an audiotape of a 2009 hearing he held with Bozic to discuss her work performance. However, Turturice located the tape in January of this year. When he informed the court, U.S. District Court Judge Mark Hornak stopped the proceedings, instructed Turturice to have legal representation and said he could face perjury charges. It is not known if those charges could still be forthcoming now that the case between the city and Bozic is settled."

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